February 27th, 2014

在web上聚众娱乐能力一流的 Moniker

Moniker 是来自阿姆斯特丹的一个豪放 studio。做一些蕴含智慧的跨媒体的东西。

pointerpointer.com 这个网站很好玩!不管你鼠标在哪儿照片里的人都能指出来。

Do Not Touch 这个网站更好玩!!

One Frame of Fame 众包开源项目,生成的MV里每个人都有一帧曝光机会。

Your Line or Mine

In the space visitors find piles of preprinted sheets of A4 paper containing short drawing instructions. Once a drawing is finished, the visitor scans it. It is then directly added to the animation and projected onto projection screens in the space. It becomes apparent that on it’s own, each drawing is the result of a unique hand, but when they are strung together, the drawings form ever-evolving, dynamic animations.

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